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About Us

"The address of Jupiter Entertainment Amusement Park"

Jupiter funfair at first base have been participating in fairs and festivals as mobile park in Osmaniye district in 1986. Establishing permanent amusement park in many provinces of the country with constant amusement park has continued to return to entertain guests and service.
We manufacture amusement park recreational vehicles and equipment for many years. We also provide our customers with meticulous and perfect workmanship başarıylahizmet precedents reference quality production and "the most economical prices with".
Today our products are beyond our work beyond the country's borders has become much more appreciated outside and look in Europe. In addition, orders from abroad ourselves there in terms of quality standards in Europe in this field has been pointed out that we have not accepted and the proof of our success.

Our team of experienced staff make it a suitable choice for the location and development will help you.

We are providing the best guarantee of reliability and availability due to investment attraction to our customers, maintain the highest level, so that maintenance check-up programs, spare parts, we offer rehabs and customized service contracts.

We also request our customers to provide specific training for engineers and operators driving on the site.


In our 37 years of experience producing Amusement Equipment for your request types sunuyoruz.h best service to you, please Aries funfair equipment is used in a number of provinces geçiniz.türkiye contact us. Quality and safety is our first priority. The only thing you need to do to make the best equipment in your business call us. Take advantage of our experience. Through the Jupiter theme park ...

Central Workshop

Akyar Village of Adana Way Back Over Oil Önka No: 62 - Central / Osmaniye, TURKEY 

Phone : +90 328 826 01 10
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Email: jupiterlunapark@hotmail.com

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